Jerry hall

Interview with Karl Lagerfeld

Why have you chosen Jerry Hall for this 2009 Spring-Summer accessory brochure?
KL: I have known Jerry Hall since she was 15 and have always loved her "sumptuous" and generous side. I love her skin, her complexion, her hair, her overall allure.

Is this the first time you have photographed her? Do you have other projects you are working on with her?
KL: I had photographed her a long time ago, at the beginning of my career as a photographer and have always kept in touch with her. Today I also photographed her for the cover of a book about her.

Claudia Schiffer, Christie Turlington and now Jerry Hall, how are these supermodels from the 80s and 90s so emblematic of feminity?
KL: These are women with strong personalities. They do not have a problem with age time, life or the evolution of fashion. And that is what I love about them.

Why do you like the writer Colette?
KL: For me, Colette epitomizes the French writer and woman writer "par excellence".

Why are you inspired by "Chéri"? There were already references to this novel in "Karl Lagerfeld: 7 Fantasmes of a Woman". What does this novel evoke for you? Why take up this theme of a mature woman with a younger man again?
KL: Oscar Wilde said: "I like men who have a future, women who have a past" (The Picture of Dorian Gray). It is this whole idea of seduction that is summarized here that appeals to me. One of a very young man fascinated and attracted by what a woman does: her wardrobe her perfume, her movements, her allure, etc, etc.

For what reason(s) did you choose Baptiste Giabiconi for "Chéri"?
KL: In reading the first page of the book and the description of the character, we understand that Baptiste is the portrait of Chéri. He is also the most promising male model at the moment.

Where were the photos taken?
KL: In a studio where we reconstructed the bedroom of a woman, a courtesan.

What does photography bring to you? For what reasons have you chosen this medium of expression?
KL: I love images in general and making images, be photography, sketching, design, publishing or others.