The video starts with the CHANEL Fine Jewelry logo, it then displays the title of the video “N°5 Collection The Number”. Inspired by Mademoiselle’s favorite number, the pieces appear one after the other. The pieces are first shown in their entirety while rotating: a ring, a bracelet, a brooch, and then a pair of earrings. The camera then zooms in on these jewelry pieces to show the stones and motifs that make up the jewels in more detail. The number 5 is especially prominent, designed in a precious metal and set with diamonds. The video ends with the CHANEL Fine Jewelry logo.

The Number

“The number five is a mystery, and that is its magic.”

— Patrice Leguéreau

N°5 Fine Jewelry collection ring - The Number

To mark N°5’s one hundred years of celebrity, High Jewelry and fragrance meet for the first time—two stars of the CHANEL universe conjoined under the elusive number. “When I began this collection, I started with the graphic number five,” says Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the Fine Jewelry Creation Studio. “Rather than draw with pencil in my sketch book, I worked with a large brush and paper, and using black paint, I created the number with bold, energetic strokes.”

N°5 Fine Jewelry collection brooch - The Number

On May 5, 1921, Gabrielle Chanel launched a fragrance she called N°5. Although perceived by many as not a name at all, Mademoiselle desired a moniker that need not be translated yet have universal meaning: in numerology, the number five happens to mean freedom. In 2021, a 5.21-carat emerald-cut stone fashioned as a shimmering stopper has been notably cut to this N°5 launch date. “I didn’t just wish to translate the fragrance, but to write the N°5 story in High Jewelry,” says Patrice Leguéreau, “imbuing the fabled number throughout the collection in form, but also in spirit.”

N°5 Collection The Number

A film of Savoir-faire: The Number

The film starts with the CHANEL Fine Jewelry logo, followed by the title “N°5 Collection The Number”. Patrice Leguéreau, director of the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creative Studio, smells the N°5 perfume to immersive himself in the olfactory universe and create the N°5 collection. Drops of perfume and paint mix together on the sheet of white paper to form Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite number and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of CHANEL’s iconic perfume. The video ends with the CHANEL Fine Jewelry logo.

In form, the number five is a study in contradictions: a bold, geometric top on a languidly looping base, allowing for playful interpretation. At the hand of the High Jewelry artisans, the sumptuous fluidity of a couture ribbon forms the iconic symbol, made malleable and weightless with remarkable savoir-faire. In homage, but also for luck, Patrice Leguéreau has imagined the mystic number in five High Jewelry motifs, the spirit of nonconformity echoing throughout.