With its high concentration of the TXC™ molecule, this concentrate offers continuous double action to ensure a strong whitening effect. Exclusively* by CHANEL, the polyactive technology acts on hyperpigmentation both during and before the process even begins.
In addition to the TXC™ molecule, 2-Year pearl extract and One-day flower act in synergy to boost translucency, illuminate and hydrate the skin for a global whitening action.

* Active ingredient developed on the basis of a technology exclusive to CHANEL - International patent application
Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested on Asian skin. Non-comedogenic.


Melanin overproduction is inhibited, before it even begins, as existing dark spots are corrected and new ones are prevented from forming. Skin is perfectly even in tone, translucent, radiant and luminous.

After 8 weeks:
Pigmented spots are noticeably faded with
• -35% in contour sharpness1
• -36% in colour intensity1
Skin is more radiant with
• +26% in luminosity2
• +30% in translucency2

Designed to work in synergy, the concentrate boosts the efficacy of the cream to further neutralize the presence of melanin3.

1 Clinical evaluation on 31 women
2 Clinical evaluation on 26 women
3 Ex vivo test

Active ingredients

• The polyfunctional TXC™ molecule targets all known biological factors of hyperpigmentation. This exceptional technology*, exclusive to CHANEL, works against hyperpigmentation in two phases.
Firstly, TXC™ molecule addresses chronic inflammation to neutralize the overproduction of melanin before it even begins.
Secondly, TXC™ is a polyactive molecule with 12 hours of continuous action** to address the 7 factors responsible for melanin overproduction, while acting on 3 layers of the skin. The unique dual action of TXC™ molecule also targets dark spots, evening out skin tone and preventing new spots from forming.

* Active ingredient developed using an exclusive CHANEL technology - International patent pending.
** In vitro test

• Derived from specific Akoya pearls carefully matured and cultivated for an optimal two years, 2-Year pearl extract illuminates dull and yellow tones by combatting the oxidation of protein in the surface layer of the skin. When protein oxidizes, light is poorly transmitted, causing skin to look dull and yellowed. Also enriched with double the amount of glycine, 2-Year pearl extract hydrates skin by locking water inside epidermis cells. Hydrated and refined, skin looks more luminous and radiant with all the translucency and perfection of precious pearls.

• One-day flower blossoms at dawn and fades at dusk, yet behind this apparent transience hides precious powers.
This exceptional ingredient has powerful natural antioxidant action that revitalizes skin and protects against lipid peroxidation to enhance skin’s translucency. This action works in synergy with 2-Year pearl extract, boosting the translucency and radiance of your skin’s surface for a pure complexion.

Application ritual

Apply morning and evening to the entire face, eye contour and neck, after LE BLANC Brightening Moisture Lotion and before LE BLANC Whitening Moisturizing Cream TXC™ Crème Fine or Crème Riche.

The fine translucent texture leaves the skin soft and supple, with a delicate smooth touch.