Initiate the lightening process of the whitening ritual with the Soft Exfoliating Pre-Lotion, specially designed for Asian skin.

Its delicate formula contains a balanced combination of glycolic acid and arginine to ensure a mild and progressive exfoliation and gently renew the skin. It is also enriched with Licorice Root Extract and Pearl Protein Extract, to initiate the brightening process. Exfoliated in an even and gentle manner, the skin is more receptive to the benefits of the products applied afterwards.


New skin is revealed, pure, bright and smooth, ideally prepared to receive the active ingredients of LE BLANC Lotion. It instantly melts into the skin with a clean, non-sticky finish.

Active ingredients

• Pearl protein extract corrects dull and lackluster skin, diminishes yellow tones and encourages immediate moisturization.
• An ideally balanced combination of glycolic acid and arginine ensures mild and progressive exfoliation.
• Licorice root extract enhances the brightening process to offer a luminous complexion. It acts against melanin overproduction for skin to recover complete translucency and evenness.

Application ritual

Apply morning or evening, with a cotton pad, to perfectly cleansed face and neck.