An essential preparatory prelude to the LE BLANC Concentrate, this Lotion prepares the skin and enhanced reception of the concentrate's whitening benefits. Skin is immediately radiant, plump and soft.


This unique Lotion immediately rebalances, hydrates and perfectly prepares skin for enhanced reception of LE BLANC Concentrate. With dull yellow tones diminished, radiance is increased and immediately brighter. In addition to its hydrating and softening properties, the translucent, crystalline lotion imparts a sensation of freshness to the skin.

Active ingredients

• Specially produced for CHANEL, 2-Year pearl extract is derived from Akoya pearls that are carefully matured for an optimal 2-year period. The extract from these rare pearls effectively prevents protein oxidation on the skin surface for a brighter complexion with light-reflecting translucency. It also contains a high concentration of glycine, a main component of the skin's natural moisturizing factor, which delivers optimal hydration. Luminous and moisturized, the skin reveals pearl-like radiance day after day.

• The magnetic water complex is the result of CHANEL Research & Technology’s in-depth knowledge of the skin. Acting like a magnet to attract and pull together water molecules, the complex with the skin more effectively and more efficiently. It acts as the perfect vehicule to deliver the brightening benefits of LE BLANC Concentrate, the next step in the ritual.

Application ritual

Use morning and evening after your LE BLANC cleanser. Apply to face and neck with fingertips or a cotton pad. Follow with LE BLANC Concentrate.