With HUILE DE JASMIN, CHANEL reinterprets a timeless skincare product from its heritage, created by Gabrielle Chanel in 1927. Pure and simple, HUILE DE JASMIN is composed almost entirely of naturally-derived ingredients. At the heart lies a jasmine extract from Grasse, exclusive to CHANEL. Smoothing, nourishing and fortifying, its formula infuses the skin with its revitalising properties, while delivering comfort and suppleness.


Immediately, the skin is more luminous: +22%.* Day after day, it is more radiant: +31%** after 1 month.

After the first application, wrinkles and fine lines are softened. The skin is visibly smoother: +34%.*

The skin is moisturised, plumped and protected. Enhanced with a slightly satiny finish, the complexion lights up with a natural and radiant glow.

* Clinical evaluation on 33 women, after the first application.
** Clinical evaluation on 33 women, after 28 days of use.

Active ingredients

HUILE DE JASMIN is the result of a subtle blend of noble oils, selected for purity, compatibility with the skin and sensorial richness. Fine and non-oily, it infuses the skin with their essential benefits. It also contains a jasmine extract from fields cultivated exclusively for CHANEL in Grasse. On the day it blossoms, jasmine — an iconic flower of the House — is gathered by hand with traditional methods to preserve all of its properties.

Application ritual

There are multiple possibilities, allowing women to intuitively choose their ritual. HUILE DE JASMIN can be applied every day or as an intensive treatment, depending on the skin's needs and one's mood.
1. On its own, for women who like the sensory qualities of an oil.
2. Under a serum or a cream, for women whose skin feels tired and lackluster.
3. Mixed with a cream, for women who want extra comfort in a single application, or mixed with foundation for an additional touch of radiance.


The story behind the product