SPF 50


SPF 50


CHANEL takes skin's natural ability to defend itself to new limits. New generation UV ESSENTIEL enhances skin's natural power, for tailor-made daily defense. With its smart and powerful technology, it adapts to the intensity of exposure to external stresses.

This complete UV shield safeguards skin internally and externally, protecting it from harmful rays (UVA, UVB, infrared and indoors light), pollution and free radicals.

Available in 2 SPF levels, UV ESSENTIEL adapts to each woman's needs, based on her lifestyle, skin type, climate and changes in season.

SPF 50: Very high protection even under intense sun. Also recommended for the fairest skin in moderately sunny weather.

SPF 30: High protection, ideal for moderately sunny to sunny weather. Also recommended in cloudy weather for the fairest skin.


A complete daily shield, UV ESSENTIEL safeguards skin from harmful rays, including long UVA, indoors light and pollution.

Its smart technology boosts up to x5,8* the expression of SPRRs, the proteins naturally present inside skin cells that safeguard it according to the intensity of external stresses.

With tailor-made protection, skin is perfectly defended, and its natural beauty is preserved each day, all year long.

Radiant, plump and moisturised, skin is perfectly primed for makeup application.

* Evaluation of the cells protection by quantification of SPRR2 in the nuclear – results with SPF 30

Active ingredients

• CHANEL reveals the power of tiare flower in skin protection. A symbol of beauty with a delicately sweet scent, tiare flower extract stimulates SPRRs, skin's innate protective proteins, even under periods of long-term stress. With reinforced expression of SPRRs:

- Skin's self-defense is more effective and proactive;

- Its barrier function is protected, for skin that is more plump and luminous.

• A powerful combination of UV filters protects skin from harmful rays, including long UVA, infrared, indoors light and induced free radicals.

• An exclusive skin protection complex preserves skin's DNA and stem cells micro-environment.

Application ritual

Apply as the final step of the daily skincare ritual and before makeup, to entire face, neck and décolleté. Reapply in case of exposure to ensure skin protection throughout the day.