The revitalising power of Vanilla Planifolia combined with the illuminating power of Anthyllis in a sublimely soft and lightweight cream. The active jewel of SUBLIMAGE, polyfractioned** Vanilla Planifolia, united with intense Vanilla Planifolia water and natural Anthyllis extract enhances the skin’s luminosity and unifies the complexion.
Skin is revitalised and radiance is renewed. The face glows.

**Since 2006, CHANEL has used a specific process, PolyFractioning, to create pure, rare and precious ingredients. 60,000 green fruits are required to make 1 kg of polyfractioned Vanilla Planifolia.


Upon application, skin is hydrated, plumped and luminous.
Day after day, the appearance of dark spots is visibly reduced. The complexion is smooth and even, reflecting light like never before.

Active ingredients

. Vanilla Planifolia, the star active ingredient derived from the fruits and flower of the iconic plant of SUBLIMAGE.

. Anthyllis flower, from the Greek "soft flower," is a wild plant capable of thriving in a hostile environment by drawing its energy exclusively from the light. Today, it is grown in an open-sky laboratory in the French Southern Alps for CHANEL.

. Intense Vanilla Planifolia water is extracted from the green fruit of the iconic plant of SUBLIMAGE. On the skin, it acts like a natural shield against aging and the environment.

Application ritual

In the morning: perform the Geste Lumière to gently activate skin microcirculation and show your face in its best light.
. Apply SUBLIMAGE La Crème Lumière to cheeks, forehead and neck.
. Use both hands to smooth it from the centre of the face outward.
On the left side of the face, use both hands to alternately smooth the following areas with outward movements (x2): middle of forehead to temple, nose to ear, corner of lips to edge of jaw and tip of chin to ear. Then, work down towards the collarbone. Repeat these steps on the right side of the face.