Powerful brightening meets intense nourishment to enhance the quality of the skin’s surface.

The ideal complement to LE BLANC SÉRUM, LE BLANC CRÈME diminishes the micro-shadows on rough skin that cause dullness, for maximum light reflection.

The oil-in-water formula melts into the skin for instant nourishment. Powerful yet soothing, the cream combines TXC™, Vitamin E and Allantoin with the hydrating properties of Gardenia Fruit Extract. Thanks to Gardenia Oil, skin regains its natural ability to glow.

The result is flawless, plumped skin that is full of radiance.


Skin is brightened, soothed and smoothed.
Dark spots, dullness and dryness are diminished.

Test results:
• +43% skin transparency
• +39% skin clarity
• +27% smoother-looking skin
Clinical evaluation performed by a trained assessor on 20 Asian women after 8 weeks of use

Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:
3QD Complex (TXC™ + Vitamin E + Allantoin) and Gardenia
- TXC™:
o The CHANEL TXC™ molecule delivers even more powerful brightening action. TXC™ is a powerful poly-active ingredient that acts on every layer of the skin at the cellular level, targeting seven essential factors of hyperpigmentation
o Prevents spots by inhibiting the production of excess melanin

- Gardenia Fruit Extract & Gardenia-Infused Oil:
o Specific sourcing set up for CHANEL
o Hand-picked and processed to preserve the most fragile molecules
o Hydrates, nourishes and protects, improving the skin barrier

- Allantoin
o Prevents burning sensation after sun exposure

- Vitamin E
o Prevents roughness

Application ritual

Apply to the entire face, eye contour and neck, morning and evening, after LE BLANC SÉRUM.
For enhanced radiance, use the exclusive CHANEL LE BLANC massage technique.