A natural-looking foundation that infuses the skin with the radiance of a day spent in the great outdoors.

Its fine, silky texture glides over skin and forms a layer that is both invisible to the eye and imperceptible to touch, like a second skin.
Its combination of light-reflecting powders and pigments makes the skin's texture appear smoother. Imperfections are diminished. The complexion is unified, without a trace.
With its adjustable coverage and longwear formula, skin glows for 12 hours.*
The formula also protects skin from external aggressors such as pollution.
Enriched with hydrating ingredients, it delivers a sensation of immediate comfort and hydrates skin day after day.
Available in 35 shades, the LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW FOUNDATION HYDRATION AND LONGWEAR allows each woman to find a shade that is a perfect match.

*Clinical evaluation on 21 women.

How to use

The LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW FOUNDATION HYDRATION AND LONGWEAR offers adjustable and tailor-made coverage, depending on how it is applied:
-For a natural result, use the fingertips and smooth from the middle of the face outwards;
-For medium coverage, use the FOUNDATION BRUSH;
-For a perfectly even complexion, use the 2-IN-1 FOUNDATION BRUSH FLUID AND POWDER.

Find the perfect shade:
1 – Define your intensity
The intensity of your foundation precisely corresponds to your skin tone.
Helpful tip: you can refer to the shade numbers, with 0 being the lightest intensity and 17 being the darkest (0-1 LIGHT, 2-4 MEDIUM, 5-9 MEDIUM PLUS, 10-12 DEEP, 13-17 DEEP PLUS).

2 – Choose your undertone
The choice of undertone depends on the finishing touch that you would like to give your complexion.
For a natural complexion, opt for the Beige (B) undertone.
To warm up the complexion, select the Beige Doré (BD) undertone.
For a fresh and rosy complexion, pick the Beige Rosé (BR) undertone.


A radiant and glowing complexion, as if you just spent a day in the great outdoors.
The HEALTHY GLOW FOUNDATION HYDRATION AND LONGWEAR features a combination of pigments that directly reduces imperfections. The first polymer immediately diminishes the appearance of blemishes and fine lines, while the second fills in visible pores, for a smooth skin effect.
Smoothing effect on skin after 12 hours: +57%**

Enriched with Healthy Glow Booster pigments, HEALTHY GLOW FOUNDATION HYDRATION AND LONGWEAR lights up skin with a subtle satin finish.
Immediate radiance: +77%**// Radiance after 12 hours: +46%**

It is formulated with Kalanchoe extract, which forms a barrier on the skin's surface
that protects against the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor pollution. Skin radiates with health all day long.

Containing over 40% water, the HEALTHY GLOW FOUNDATION AND LONGWEAR is a fresh, lightweight emulsion with a formula that hydrates the skin all day long and protects it day after day. Its humectant agents, such as glycerol, are capable of retaining several times their weight in water, thereby maintaining good hydration of the upper epidermal layers.
Immediate hydrating benefit: +58%***

Its longwear formula ensures a flawless complexion for 12 hours.**
Silicate powder creates a fine layer on the skin's surface for a seamless result and prolonged wear without an oily or sticky feel.

Non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin
Dermatologist tested.
Easy to remove.

**Clinical evaluation on 21 women.
***Instrumental evaluation on 21 women.

  • B10
  • B20
  • B50
  • B80
  • B110
  • B140
  • BD01
  • BD21
  • BD51
  • BD91
  • BD111
  • BD141
  • BR12
  • BR22
  • BR92
  • BR112
  • BR152