An essential, it enhances the complexion, structures the face and creates a healthy glow effect. Uniting colour and radiance, it accentuates cheekbones and lights up the entire face. Its fine and silky powder texture glides on easily. A convenient on-the-go case that goes wherever you do for easy touch-ups during the day.

How to use

Apply JOUES CONTRASTE with its integrated deluxe brush for a sophisticated result:
- For a very natural blush effect: sweep onto the top of cheekbones and along the cheeks. Reapply to intensify the makeup result.
- To structure the face: shade the hollows of the cheeks or accentuate the temples, forehead and jawlines.


- An extremely soft, fine and silky powder texture.
- A floral accord of rosy notes that leaves a subtle and instantly recognisable scent on the cheeks.