Inspired by Coromandel screens, "COROMANDEL et les Maisons d’art" is an exceptional gift set that shines a spotlight on Maisons d'art and the precise, meticulous craftsmanship that plays an essential role in CHANEL creations.

Nestled at the centre of the box is the COROMANDEL Parfum, a voluptuous fragrance housed in a Baccarat crystal bottle. A display of craftsmanship that dates back to 1764, the bottle is sealed using the traditional art of baudruchage to preserve the fragrance until it is opened.

The fragrance comes with a precious piece of jewellery with contours that recall the motifs of Coromandel screens. The hand-hammered and patinated piece, featuring grey-gold plated brass adorned with water beads and rock crystals, is crafted by the Maison Goossens, official supplier for Gabrielle Chanel since 1957.

The gift box is lined with the iconic CHANEL tweed, a fabric intertwining threads of velvet, wool and lurex, handwoven by the Maison Lesage, embroiderer since 1858. A deep black strewn with shimmering red, silver, copper and gold, its colours evoke the sculpted lacquerware of Imperial China.

Olfactory atmosphere

Composed by Olivier Polge, Perfumer-Creator for the House of CHANEL, COROMANDEL Parfum is an intensely ambery fragrance. The heart has been heightened to give the fragrance even greater warmth and fullness. Swirls of frankincense and Andalusian labdanum convey a darker ambery note with smoky accents that lend the fragrance a noble quality. Fabulously exotic and enchanting.


"I almost fainted with happiness the first time I saw a Coromandel..." Gabrielle Chanel confessed. Although they were made in China, the screens were named after India's Coromandel coast, from where they were shipped around the world. Mademoiselle Chanel was captivated by their delicate motifs incised into black lacquer. She covered her walls with the sophisticated screens to imbue her charmingly classic Paris apartment with a touch of exoticism and poetry.

The Maisons d'art drew inspiration from these objects steeped in history, adorned with delicate and finely crafted motifs, for the creation of an exceptional gift set.

Art of perfuming

Apply the Parfum to pulse points on the skin using the multi-faceted gem applicator: behind the earlobe, on the décolleté, and on the inside of the wrist.