The material of elegance

“By creating jersey clothing, I was liberating the body and moving away from fitted waist garments.” At the dawn of the 1920s, Mademoiselle Chanel turned to men’s wardrobes to borrow the knit fabric that would redefine the waist: jersey. Once seen as utilitarian and mundane, used only for sailors’ sweaters and men’s undergarments, Gabrielle Chanel transformed it into a material with new elegance.

Jacques Polge turns to lavender with the same creative boldness. Long considered masculine or banal, associated with toiletry products for the family, it is now preciously selected and carefully distilled. It reveals its true character: rare, floral and refined. Wrapped in white musk and set off with a touch of vanilla, it gives form to a new olfactory design. Comfortable and sensual on the skin, like beautiful Jersey by CHANEL.

Available in Fashion Boutiques and from authorized CHANEL retailers.