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A unique savoir-faire

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CHANEL’s commitment

Crafted with gifted hands and exceptional materials, your CHANEL creation feels exquisitely unique. It is an alluring piece that enhances your personality and brightens your day. With this in mind, CHANEL has created the CHANEL & moi program that promises to help you preserve and safeguard the incomparable quality of each creation. Tailored services and other initiatives will revive and restore your CHANEL pieces, allowing them to live on and be passed down from generation to generation.

In April 2021, CHANEL & moi reveal with a series of initiatives. The first one, entitled CHANEL Warranty, pledges an exclusive 5-year guarantee for all CHANEL handbags and CHANEL wallets on chain, deepening the relationship between client and House. CHANEL & moi will then unveil CHANEL Restoring Care, an array of unique care services will exist in each of the House’s boutiques across the world. Other facilities will enrich the program such as dedicated restoring care spaces, available in selected boutiques. Embodying the CHANEL & moi experience, they will delight clients with their myriad of services, set in an elegant and welcoming atmosphere.

This commitment to every CHANEL creation will engage the House’s singular ecosystem that emphasizes its artisans who specialize in restoration and repairs. Their expertise and dedication showcase a seasoned savoir-faire that is deftly achieved in the CHANEL ateliers which are fabled for having every material and element at hand.

Only the House of CHANEL can offer the appropriate care ritual respecting the authenticity of each creation. Whatever the circumstances, CHANEL & moi will enhance the charm and integrity of every design, as well as retain precious memories. Once restored, the CHANEL creation is ready for the next chapter of its story.

CHANEL & moi will deepen your relationship with the House, embracing CHANEL’s philosophy that once a client, always a client.

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CHANEL Warranty

A five-year warranty is offered from the date of purchase for every handbag or wallet on chain acquired from April 2021 onwards.

This warranty applies to the replacement of any parts or any necessary repairs on CHANEL handbags and wallets on chain, subject to proper use. This can only be carried out with the proof of purchase from one of our boutiques.

Your boutique remains at your disposal for any questions related to this warranty.

CHANEL Restoring care

Only the House of CHANEL is able to restore its creations while guaranteeing their integrity.

This service first applies to CHANEL’s black iconic leather bags. Depending on its current condition and after thorough examination, your bag is taken care of by specialised artisans in our ateliers, with the same attention that went into its creation.

Your boutique remains at your disposal for any questions related to this service.

5 care tips

The number 5 has a special significance for CHANEL. It was Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite number, the name of her first fragrance and is our number of recommendations to keep your CHANEL handbag in its best condition.


To preserve the elegant lines of your handbag, do not overfill. To minimize the risk of color bleeding onto leather or clothing, avoid prolonged contact between light and dark colors.


Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, artificial light and humidity. If your handbag gets wet, dry the area carefully with an absorbent, non-pilling cloth.


Use a soft cloth and avoid any care products that may alter the finish of your handbag. To help reduce the look of marks on the surface of lambskin leather, gently rub in a circular motion.


Wrap any chains or straps with tissue paper, and store your handbag upright in its original pouch.


Appreciate the natural patina of your handbag. Day after day, it reveals a new aspect of the handbag’s beauty and history — as well as yours.