Located in the hills rising above Hyères in the South of France, Villa Noailles is a hub for artistic encounters. Designed by the modernist architect Robert Mallet-Stevens between 1924 and 1932, this cubist building is forever imbued with the spirit of the artists who visited the house or lived there, from Buñuel to Man Ray, Dalí, and Cocteau. Karl Lagerfeld devoted a series of photographs to the villa, inspired by its avant-garde architecture.

Overlooking the bay of Hyères, the home of art patrons Marie-Laure and Charles De Noailles has a freely designed layout providing new and unusual viewpoints. Conceived as an artists' residence, it fosters a blend of culture and leisure, reflecting a new way of living. From the 1930s, the De Noailles brought together figures from the worlds of art, fashion, design and literature under its roof. It's a tradition that endures to this day courtesy of the Hyères Festival.


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