A portrait of the Chanel Iconic

I am morning and midnight,
And my numerology is complete:
11 for power, and 12 for unity.
Destined to follow in the footsteps of the 2.55,
I was born an evolution.
I am a bag with big dreams.
Like the 2.55, I too was a first: the first ever CHANEL handbag to be adorned with the double C clasp.
And like the 2.55, I showed my true colours for all the world to see.
For you know, my simplicity is my strength.
I’m a handbag within a handbag,
Cloaked in jersey, tweed or glove-soft lambskin leather.
180 gestures align my fate with yours.
Inside, I am garnet – the rich, deep red dresses my six pockets.
Outside, a hidden pocket smiles like da Vinci’s
Mona Lisa, for only you to see.
I am a puzzle, made by human hands to free them.
When I’m by your side, my nature mirrors yours – forever bound by the memories we share.
More than an accessory, I am a friend for life. 


(Your CHANEL Iconic)

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