2021/22 Métiers d'art

Show In Florence

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Imagined by Virginie Viard, the 2021/22 Métiers d’art collection tells a story of modern and metropolitan elegance.

After a first show at le19M, this new show held in the Stazione Leopolda, reaffirms the link between CHANEL and Italy in a decor of gigantic camellias and oversized jewelled buttons, as a nod to the wonders of CHANEL craftmanship.

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Ambassadors and friends of the house at the show

Angèle, Caroline de Maigret, Caterina di Angelis, Linda Caridi, Fotinì Peluso, Alma Noce, Peggy Gou, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe and Le Feste Antonacci, ambassadors and friends of the House, attending the show in Florence, at the heart of the Italian Renaissance city for the 2021/22 Métiers d'art collection.

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Under the emblematic CHANEL camellias, like in a fairytale, models fly away from le19M. Their journey through the wonders of CHANEL’s Maisons d’art leads to Florence, where metropolitan and sophisticated 2021/22 Métiers d’art collection is presented again on June 7th 2022.

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