Sublimage Le Teint

Sensorial to the touch. Intensely comfortable. Chanel debuts an exceptional foundation inspired by SUBLIMAGE skincare.

Sublimage Le Teint - Chanel

The Exquisite Texture

The sumptuous yet lightweight cream texture offers a second-skin feel. An accompanying brush creates the most precise, natural-looking finish. Comforted and moisturized, the complexion appears radiant and full of vitality. Sublime, day after day.

The Exquisite Texture - Chanel

The Precious Ingredients

Diamond Powder and Intense Vanilla Planifolia Water offer the look of radiance and vitality, while additional plant-based ingredients help to deliver comfort and 12 hours* of hydration.

Diamond Power

For the first time, a Chanel foundation formula is enriched with Diamond Powder to leave the complexion glowing with luminosity.

Diamond power - Chanel


Extracted from Vanilla Planifolia pods, Intense Vanilla Planifolia Water gives skin resilience and vitality.

Intense Vanilla - Chanel

*Instrumental evaluation on a panel of 22 women.

The Sublimage Le Teint Ritual

The Sublimage Le Teint Skincare Ritual Video - Chanel

The Ultimate Combination

A complement to the SUBLIMAGE skincare ritual, SUBLIMAGE LE TEINT reveals your beauty, day after day.

The ultimate combination: Sublimage Le Teint - Chanel

The Sublimage Collection

A complete skincare ritual that intensely regenerates and deeply revitalizes the complexion to restore skin to its most youthful appearance.

fragrance-beautymakeupmakeupfacefoundationsublimage-le-teintfragrance-beauty/makeup/face/foundation/sublimage-le-teint/quickbuysublimage le teint - ultimate radiance - generating cream foundation10-beige
fragrance-beautyskincareskincareby-categorymoisturizerssublimage-la-cr%c3%a8mefragrance-beauty/skincare/by-category/moisturizers/sublimage-la-cr%C3%A8me/quickbuysublimage la crème - ultimate skin regeneration1.7 oz.
fragrance-beautyskincareskincareby-categorycleansers-%26-tonerssublimage-la-lotion-supr%c3%aamefragrance-beauty/skincare/by-category/cleansers-%26-toners/sublimage-la-lotion-supr%C3%AAme/quickbuysublimage la lotion suprême - ultimate skin regeneration4.2 fl. oz.
fragrance-beautyskincareskincareby-categoryserumssublimage-l%27essencefragrance-beauty/skincare/by-category/serums/sublimage-l%27essence/quickbuysublimage l'essence - ultimate revitalizing and light-activating concentrate1 fl. oz.
fragrance-beautyskincareskincareby-categorycleansers-%26-tonersle-cotonfragrance-beauty/skincare/by-category/cleansers-%26-toners/le-coton/quickbuyle coton - extra soft cotton100 pce