Chanel In
My Hands

The most desirable of handbag accessories: the new Chanel hand cream. After you see it, you’ll want it. After you try it, you won’t be able to resist. LA CRÈME MAIN absorbs quickly, leaving skin with a velvety finish. And you’ll be tempted to use it constantly...

Hands Holding La Crème Main - Chanel
Hands moisturized by La Crème Main - Chanel

Innovation For Enhanced Design

Behind the apparent simplicity of the design is a major technological innovation. Unlike a tube, the sleek oval maintains its shape and is uniquely designed to protect the formula. Ideal for on-the-go application, it slips easily into your handbag.

La Crème Main in a Handbag - Chanel

Pleasure For Enhanced Skincare

At the heart of LA CRÈME MAIN, May Rose Wax smooths and softens, and Iris Pallida Extract brightens. Hands are deeply nourished, continuously moisturized, delicately perfumed—and perfectly prepped for a manicure.

Rose - Chanel La Crème Main
Purple Orchid - Chanel La Crème Main