Chanel Beauty Talks

In the third episode, Lucia Pica meets Kristen Stewart in a stolen moment. Lucia and Kristen share their very private inspirations, emotions and beauty secrets on the theme of the day: Red, much more than a colour — a spirit. The common thread throughout Lucia’s first collection, the iconic shade reveals a strong yet vulnerable femininity personified by Kristen.

Episode #3
Red Power

Luca Pica meets Kristen Stewart

Lucia Pica - Chanel Beauty Talks Episode 3

Lucia Pica

Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer

The instinctive, avant-garde artistic director for Chanel colour debuts her first collection. LE ROUGE COLLECTION N°1 is a manifesto; an extension of her vision. “Red is such a strong colour to me, and it is also an intrinsic part of the Chanel vocabulary.”

Kristen Stewart - Chanel Beauty Talks Episode 2

Kristen Stewart

Actress and muse

Kristen Stewart embodies Hollywood's most independent, rebellious side. From blockbusters to independent films, Kristen’s assertive choices and enigmatic personality make her a larger-than-life celebrity. Far from fitting the mold, she transforms into a sultry, captivating icon for LE ROUGE COLLECTION N°1.

"I am obsessed by the colour red and always have been."

Lucia Pica

"Red is pure energy. It is the sign that something is happening."

Kristen Stewart
Lipstick is an accessory for the face: Kristen Stewart - Chanel Beauty Talks

Focus On

Lucia's Inspiration

Lucia Pica's Inspiration: Episode 3 - Chanel Beauty Talks
“Natural substances,
flowers, a woman’s hair, paint…” Lucia pica

A true red lip

Kristen Stewart: A True Red Lip Episode 3 - Chanel Beauty Talks
“I love the idea of an intense red
with such a light texture that
you forget it’s there.” Kristen Stewart

Kristen's must-haves

Her approach: a red duo on lips and eyes

Red lipstick is the ultimate makeup classic. Taking this iconic beauty accessory and applying it to the eyes is an unconventional, sultry and subversive statement. To wear red on both eyes and lips is a daring, modern form of sensuousness. Something new suddenly begins to happen: an unforgettable, intensely energetic hot-and-cold effect.

Rouge allure ink in libéré Stylo yeux waterproof in eros

“Red is not a colour you
expect to see on the eyes. It has
a surprising effect: It intensifies
the eyes in a very organic way.”Kristen Stewart

Red is Blood: Episode 3 - Chanel Beauty Talks

Beyond Lipstick

Cheeks, nails, eyes: Dare to boldly combine reds