Blue Serum

A diet for your skin

Three key ingredients extracted from the diets of the blue zone populations — Green Coffee from Costa Rica,
Bosana Olive from Sardinia and Lentisk* from Greece — come together for the first time in a breakthrough
serum. Discover a diet for skin that looks younger and healthier, nourished over time.

Longevity ingredients from the world’s blue zones

Green coffee, Costa Rica
Green Coffee - Chanel Blue Serum

Green coffee

Heightened antioxidant properties — up to five times higher
than crude coffee oil due to a specific technology from Chanel
Research — help shield the complexion.

Bosana olive

Essential fatty acids and higher-level skin-fortifying polyphenols
help protect skin. The patented Oleo-Eco-Extraction process
delivers their most powerful properties.

Bosana olive, Sardinia
Bosana Olive - Chanel Blue Serum
Lentisk, Greece
Lentisk - Chanel Blue Serum


Naturally occurring Oleanolic Acid helps reinforce skin’s natural
restorative abilities. Purified through CO2 Supercritical
Extraction, these molecules ensure optimal protection for skin.

Bottle of Blue Serum - Chanel

Nourish your Youth

Lightweight and nourishing, BLUE SERUM helps keep skin looking younger, firmer and healthier. Discover the results after four weeks of use.**



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