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Blue Serum: blue zone Skincare - Chanel

Think Blue

A new horizon for skincare

blue zones

From blue zones to Blue Serum

Inspired by the world's blue zones, regions where people live longer, Chanel has created BLUE SERUM.
View the films to discover the product and travel to the blue zones.

Unearthed Secrets

A New Diet for Your Skin

Chanel Research carefully selected three locally sourced ingredients from the diets of the blue zone populations and uniquely extracted the most potent essences to manage the effects of time.
Blue Serum: Green Coffee - Chanel
Green Coffee
Heightened antioxidant properties
in this potent ingredient shield the
Blue Serum: Olive - Chanel
Essential fatty acids and higher-level
skin-fortifying polyphenols help
protect skin
Blue Serum: Lentisk - Chanel
Naturally occurring Oleanolic Acid
helps reinforce skin's natural
restorative abilities

*Lentisk Gum: exclusively harvested in Chios (PDO); traditionally consumed in Ikaria.

The Power of Blue

Blue Serum Image 2: blue zone Skincare - Chanel

Nourish your Youth

Capturing the very essence of the world's blue zones, this lightweight
formula keeps skin looking younger and healthier—nourished and
protected over time. Discover the results after 4 weeks of use.**
Skin Tone
**Clinical evaluation of 44 women.
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