Because the skin's youthfulness is shaped by one's individual background more than by age or heredity, CHANEL creates LE LIFT. A line of smart anti-aging skincare products in harmony with the background of every woman.

The effectiveness of LE LIFT is ensured by an exclusive* natural active ingredient that is purer, more powerful and more concentrated than ever, resulting from 12 years of research:** 3.5-DA.

3.5-DA senses the background of your skin. As the years pass, and influenced by emotions and the stress of daily life, the skin's youth mechanisms slow down. 3.5-DA neutralises the action and regulates the number of miRs, at the origin of skin aging. The production of youth proteins is reactivated.

After one month of application, your skin regains suppleness, strength and elasticity. Features appear lifted. Even deep wrinkles are smoothed.

Based on women's wishes and the art of formulation by CHANEL, the three two LE LIFT textures provide an exceptional sensorial experience. They correspond to all skin types, deliver the best anti-aging performance and adapt to each season.

The texture of the Crème: delicate, creamy and balanced.

* Exclusive active ingredient developed for CHANEL
** Research conducted by a partner

Application ritual

Apply LE LIFT cream morning and evening to entire face and neck with rapid smoothing movements, avoiding the eye contour.