Matt black lacquered wooden pencil for use on the inside of the lower lid and to outline the eyes.

A soft, gentle texture for quick and easy application. Gives an intense kohl or eyeliner effect, with optimum coverage and perfect hold, or a more discreet makeup look with a fine, precise line for subtle emphasis.

Its formula, specially adapted for use on the inside of the eyelid contains vegetable fats, microcrystalline waxes, pigments and iridescent elements.
It is suitable for the most sensitive eyes and is extremely comfortable.

4 shades: Black, Ambre (brown), Marine (blue) and Graphite (grey).

A professional accessory, the specific CHANEL sharpener, ensures a permanently precise line.

How to use

For an intense Oriental makeup look: use LE CRAYON KHÔL on the lower lid, either on the inside or outside of the eyelid, and as an eyeliner on the upper lid, with or without eyeshadow.


• A combination of vegetable fats for a soft and easy-to-apply formula.

• Talc to improve the hold of the makeup result.

Easy makeup removal.
Ophthalmologist tested.