A limited-edition scented hair mist that divulges the vibrant and sophisticated notes of COCO NOIR. A luminous trail that retains its mystery long after application. A sensual way to wear fragrance.

Olfactory atmosphere

The hair mist diffuses the luminous notes of the COCO NOIR fragrance, gradually revealing the freshness of the grapefruit note, the luminous sensuality of rose and geranium leaf, and the magnetism of tonka note.


CHANEL has always entrusted black with an essential role: to highlight a woman. COCO NOIR celebrates this paradoxical statement by using a deep black to bring a dazzling femininity to light.

Art of perfuming

Mist over the hair with a generous, sweeping gesture.
Combine with the notes of the Eau de Parfum and the complete perfuming ritual for the bath and body to enhance the trail of the fragrance.