Take a new look at Christmas with the Exclusive Creation ARCHITECTONIC, an eyeshadow palette that takes inspiration from the city to give eyes an architectural look. The five eyeshadows of this silver-blue range include both matte and shimmering hues. Dare to wear matte midnight blue, metallic blue, platinum, concrete grey and mirror silver. The result is vibrant, intense and radiant. With a powdery cream texture, the ARCHITECTONIC palette eyeshadows are easy to apply using one of the two double-tipped applicators. Limited edition.

How to use

Easy smokey: Apply a dark shade to the upper eyelid, then accentuate the lashline. Use a light shade to add a touch of light to the inner corners of the eyes. You may vary this effect by sweeping the dark shade across the entire upper eyelid and then adding a touch of light to the middle of the eyelid with the light shade.
For a graphic look: stretch shade 1 horizontally to the outer corners of the eyelids, then use the cream liner CALLIGRAPHIE DE CHANEL to create a graphic look.
For a play on textures with a solid colour: matte and satiny.
Example: apply shade 2 from the inner corner to the center of the eyelid and then, smooth shade 1 from the center outwards.


. Easy, smooth application with a powdery cream formula.
. Pure pigments infused with a rich cream for a soft texture.
. Micronised mica for a luminous finish.
. Contains a binder for optimal hold.