An ultra-precise brush, perfect for applying eyeshadow to the eye contour or softening a line of eyeliner. A thin, curved shape that follows the contour of the eye and precisely defines it. An easy-to-use accessory.

How to use

Use the PINCEAU CONTOUR PAUPIÈRES N°14 along the base of the lashes.
To obtain a precise line: take some eyeshadow with the brush and apply at the base of the upper or lower lashes.
To create a contrast: follow the natural crease of the eye socket with a darker shade.
The brush can also be used to soften the effect of the eyeliner pencil.

How to care for brushes:
The PINCEAU CONTOUR PAUPIÈRES N°14 is made of natural bristles.* Designed to be wear-resistant, it must be cleaned regularly with warm water and mild soap or shampoo.
Leave to dry flat in the open air, away from sources of heat.

*Selection and use of natural bristles in compliance with the humane treatment and protection of animals.