With an extremely delicate touch, the body oil reinterprets the sensuality of N°5. A silky dry oil that leaves the skin soft, supple and subtly perfumed. Its spray pump format ensures easy and even application.

Olfactory atmosphere

Inspired by the silky harmony of rose and jasmine in N°5, the body oil was formulated to delicately express all the sensuality of the N°5 floral bouquet.


In 1921, Gabrielle Chanel asked Ernest Beaux to create a fragrance. He invented a visionary composition with the unprecedented use of aldehydes. From the perfumer's proposals, Mademoiselle selected the one bearing the number 5 and decided to keep this number as its name. The innovative spirit of the fragrance, as well as its uncommonly simple bottle and name, revolutionised the history of perfumery.

Art of perfuming

A perfumed bath and body ritual interprets the floral bouquet of N°5. The body oil can be applied to the skin and hair, as well as the nails to perfect a manicure. A caressing and nourishing beauty step.