An elegant and refined lacquered wooden box to adorn your home. Its perfectly detailed design and red and black colours represent the codes of the House of CHANEL. A beauty box that invites you to pamper yourself and allows you to display and preciously store your favourite products, from your iconic lipstick to your must-have fragrance.

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A precious keepsake that encapsulates the elegance of CHANEL.

A refined, artisanal wooden box to adorn your home and store your most precious beauty tools. Perfectly detailed, the red and black lacquered design pays homage to the codes of the House of CHANEL, complete with the inimitable double C. Open the hinged lid to reveal a deep-red interior, lined in vegan leather - perfect for housing your most essential skincare, lipstick collection, or must-have fragrance.

An invitation to pamper yourself. The ultimate addition to a CHANEL beauty ritual.

Dimensions: 8.01 x 6.45 x 5.61 inches.


1 pce

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