"Haute Couture is the extreme luxury. It is perfection with a unique personality. It has to do with patience and with modern and current times. Haute Couture is a maximum symbol of artisan’s refinement and beauty. This is the beauty and the magic of it." Karl Lagerfeld


THE 19

The lastest of the perfumes created and worn by Gabrielle Chanel, the N°19 echoes her date of birth, 19 August 1883.

For the designer, numbers always possessed a particular power, which she associated with circumstances surrounding events in her life. Like symbols, lucky charms and objects collected and brought back from trips, numbers were part of her creative process.



Mademoiselle... This is how Gabrielle Chanel was addressed throughout her life. It was an unconventional choice, but one that conveyed her sense of freedom and modernity. Mademoiselle had love stories yet never married. She clung to her maiden name, flouting conventions of her time. She was, and remains, Mademoiselle Chanel, mistress of her own life, writing her own legend through the years.

With this “Mademoiselle”, Gabrielle could turn her story around; the orphaned girl from a poor background became a demoiselle, a “young lady.” This mark of respect extended to the door of her studio, which carried a sign saying “Mademoiselle Privé”.



Associated with the sun, the lion symbolizes power, nobility and gold. It is the 5th sign of the zodiac - Gabrielle Chanel's lucky number and constellation. 

She collected effigies of this tutelary figure and used it as a motif in suit buttons, belts, brooches and necklaces.



Karl Lagerfeld, Creative Director of the House since 1983.

"I try to make it not a thing of the past but a reflection of the moment. Chanel is about modern attitude but style, created by Coco, and attitude have to be updated to stay in touch with times and fashion. I keep the classic by adapting it to the mood of the moment, and I always think of Goethe’s famous words that I like so much: "make a better future with enlarged elements of the past".


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