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The movie by director Deniz Gamze Ergüyen won several César, including Best Debut Feature, Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Original Music.
For the ceremony, the director and actress Tugba Sunguroglu both wore Haute Couture gowns and jewelry.
The César are the French national film awards.



“I am inspired by everything, but my collections are not directly inspired by what I see. I look at everything, forget everything, and then I do it my way,” explains Karl Lagerfeld.
The Artistic Director of the House has a unique method of innovating. Immersed in Gabrielle Chanel’s style, he is able to distance himself from it in order to invent new combinations. His creations are original variations on her classic themes.


© Philippe Halsman/Magnum Photos - Fundación Gala-Salvador Dalí, Figueres, 2016 - "The Essence of Dalí"


© Philippe Halsman/Magnum Photos - Fundación Gala-Salvador Dalí, Figueres, 2016 - "The Essence of Dalí"


"Chanel's originality was the opposite of mine," declared Dalí. "I have always shamelessly exhibited my thoughts, while she neither conceals hers nor shows them off, but instead dresses them up… She has the best-dressed body and soul on Earth."

In 1929, following his Cubist phase, Dalí goes to Paris and begins interacting with artists such as Miró and Picasso and members of the Surrealist movement. He is also introduced into high society where he meets Gabrielle Chanel.
He asks her to collaborate on the decor of the ballet "Bacchanale". She, in turn, inspires him to create clothes and even perfumes and jewelry.

Chanel was fond of Dalí who baptized her "my little capsigragne". In 1938 he moved in La Pausa, where he produced the work "Endless Enigma".



The English actress wore a dress from the Métiers d’Art Paris in Rome collection, accessorized with a "Plume 1932" head jewel, for the "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" European premiere.


© Anne Combaz


© Anne Combaz


By Boris Coridian

A ray of sunlight pierces the Parisian skies on a cloudy January 26th, and illuminates the dome of the Grand Palais. Like a reminder of spring in the middle of winter, it signals the start of Karl Lagerfeld’s Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2016 collection show. In an exaltingly bucolic set, a wooden house with closed shutters blends in with the vegetation. The door opens to reveal the first silhouettes. One by one, seeming to slow their pace to better take advantage of the moment, the models wander through this Eden.

To celebrate this rite of spring – a nod to Stravinsky’s work, beloved by Gabrielle Chanel – aerial materials mingle with wooden embroideries. Soft colours, chosen amid beige palettes, are accompanied by gold ornaments. The variations in volume and inverted forms bring to mind the eccentricities of nature – as in these short oval-sleeved jackets whose generous curves contrast with the finesse of pencil skirts. A smartphone cover accessorizes each outfit. A subtle detail to assert that this sweet, timeless collection is also furiously modern. The models pace the catwalk, laid out in wood tiles on the grass, in cork-soled platform pumps. The delicate, poetic silhouette designed by Karl Lagerfeld is completed by an imperial bun and a dab of eyeliner reminiscent of ancient idols.

Bees appear on tulle and muslin, as well as on the jewels. The fabric insects seem to buzz around the long dresses and printed flowers. "I am a bee, that is part of my sign, the Lion, the Sun. Women of this sign are hard-working, courageous, faithful, undaunted. That is my character. I am a bee born under the sign of the Lion", in the words of Coco, queen of the rue Cambon. The bride appears, clad in a dress where natural materials are in marvelous harmony, and the hood of which arouses the curiosity of the audience.

The wooden shutters open slowly on the models for the finale, choreographed by Karl Lagerfeld. The music stops, the applause rises from the stalls, and cries of joy ring out from the backstage. Rays of sunlight now stream onto the set, bringing radiance to the blue of the sky and the green of the lawn where the models walked. The smell of freshly cut grass fills the Grand Palais.


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