For his Spring-Summer 2012 Haute Couture collection, Karl Lagerfeld paraded no less than 154 shades of blue across the lofty heights of the runway. "From the faintest pearl blue to the darkest midnight shade, this immense color range spans from crimson to hints of green. Actually, the color chart for blue is incredible," explained Karl Lagerfeld.

Organza, tweed, tulle and muslin were dyed in the most precise nuances, every fabric shimmering in its own shade of blue: sapphire, ultramarine, indigo, and blue woad… The extent of the seemingly endless palette matched only by the stunning array of techniques and materials, some hand-painted or sprayed to produce the desired shading. Through a porthole or silk gauze, all transparencies were swathed in blue. The blue-hued glint of glass mosaic buttons, expertly crafted by Desrues, attests to pigment dosed to perfection.


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