Anna mouglalis’ notebook

The life of Marina Tsvetaeva

The French actress was overwhelmed by Henri Troyat’s biography of the great Russian poetess, Marina Tsvetaeva. It is the story of a dramatic life, filled with violent love affairs and unimaginable pain, which starts amongst the literary intelligentsia of the tsars’ Moscow and continues with the escape of the Bolshevik revolution, the misery of exile and a tragic return to Stalin’s Russia, which will destroy her family and her life. A life so ardent and eccentric, dedicated to the story of her femininity and her liberal sexuality.

Anna Mouglalis says of this outstanding opus: “It is Marina’s true biography; to me, she is the most powerful poetess I have ever read. At the end of each verse, you get the impression she is about to disappear. She got me in touch with femininity. I didn’t know much about feminine literature and she made me want to discover more of it.”

Marina Tsvetaeva, Henri Troyat © Editions Grasset & Fasquelle, 2001


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