LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL give all women access to makeup artist techniques. Bringing together convenience and simplicity, their design makes them desirable on-the-go accessories. With a selection of soft yet resilient bristles, protected in a black holder, they stand the test of time.

The perfect partner of fluid foundations, the FOUNDATION BRUSH is specially designed for fuller application of fluid, gel or cream textures. It is the essential tool for a flawless complexion.

How to use

TIPS FROM LUCIA PICA, Creative Makeup and Color Designer
. Dispense a drop of foundation onto the back of the hand. Then, take a small amount of product with the tip of the brush.
. Begin at the middle of the face and smooth the foundation downwards and outwards. To prevent streaking, avoid having too much product on the brush.
. To adjust the intensity, build up in fine layers until you achieve the desired coverage.

Care instructions:
LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL are brushes made from a blend of natural and synthetic bristles. Designed to be wear-resistant, they must be cleaned regularly with warm water and shampoo or mild soap. Leave to dry flat in the open air, away from sources of heat.