Two iconic skincare products from the SUBLIMAGE collection in a box set. SUBLIMAGE L'Essence, Ultimate Revitalizing Light-Activating Concentrate, and SUBLIMAGE La Crème, with the power of ultimate revitalization, work in harmony to reveal skin that glows with beauty. THE ULTIMATE SKIN PERFECTION COFFRET offers an exceptional ritual based on the synergy between these two skincare products: detoxify in order to revitalize even more.


• Skin quality and luminosity enhanced by the detoxifying and revitalizing action of SUBLIMAGE L'Essence.

• Hydrated, deeply nourished and fulfilled, the skin is revitalized by SUBLIMAGE La Crème.

The complexion is radiant and even. Facial contours are firmed. Features are smoothed and toned. Detoxified and revitalized, the skin is simply sublime. It has never been so beautiful.


• SUBLIMAGE L'Essence:
Its formula offers the skin all the benefits of complete detoxification. At the heart of the cells: the detoxifying action of the Golden Champa PFA* ingredient, derived from the golden flower of the Himalayas, eliminates toxins responsible for premature skin aging and reactivates cellular energy. Within the skin and on its surface: the "light plant" completes this detoxifying action by gently and naturally stimulating skin renewal.

The revitalizing power of SUBLIMAGE La Crème stems from Vanilla Planifolia from Madagascar. A natural treasure, this plant has a unique ability to act on signs of aging. At the heart of the formula, enriched with precious oils, its fruit and flower were crafted by CHANEL to give form to a true gem: Enriched Planifolia PFA.*

*PFA: PolyFractioning of Active ingredients. A specific process developed by CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure cosmetic ingredients.

Application ritual

Apply SUBLIMAGE L’Essence morning and evening on perfectly cleansed skin. Apply with fingertips, smoothing over entire face.

Then, apply SUBLIMAGE La Crème.
Dab a small amount onto each cheek, the forehead and the neck. Using both hands, smooth the forehead, from the centre outwards. Continue on the cheeks, using the same movement. Finally, smooth from the top of the neck downwards, alternating hands, including the jawline.