In its luxurious wooden case, SUBLIMAGE Le Coffret unveils two emblematic skincare products from the SUBLIMAGE ritual. SUBLIMAGE La Crème Yeux and SUBLIMAGE La Crème are teamed together for eyes that reveal their sublime power of expression and skin full of vitality that recovers its strength and radiance.

- SUBLIMAGE La Crème Yeux 15 g
- SUBLIMAGE La Crème 50 g


SUBLIMAGE La Crème Yeux visibly revitalizes the eye contour, which is essential to express emotions.
- Vitality: intensely moisturized and ideally shielded, the eye contour appears radiant and healthy.
- Strength: the skin is visibly smoother and tighter. The eye contour is noticeably lifted, eyes are opened.
- Perfection: eyes are illuminated, while dark circles and puffiness appear faded. More even-toned, the eye contour looks rested.
Upon the first application, the eye contour looks rested and radiant. After one month, eyes appear to regain their power of expression.

- Vitality: ideally moisturized, comfortable and protected, the skin glows with beauty.
- Strength: the skin regains its tightness and elasticity via hydration, wrinkles look smoothed and the facial contours appear firmed.
- Perfection: the appearance of dark spots is reduced, the skin texture looks refined, the complexion is more even and the skin appears plumped.
Intensely revitalized, the skin regains its strength, radiance and perfection.


The Éphémères of Planifolia – ephemeral molecules in nature – are extracted at a precise moment during the fruit's growth, just before they disappear. They are captured and made eternal using Chrono-Extraction, a delicate process developed by CHANEL Research, perfectly adapted to the molecule's fragile state.

Combined with Enriched Planifolia PFA*, the precious Éphémères of Planifolia are key to both SUBLIMAGE La Crème Yeux and SUBLIMAGE La Crème.

SUBLIMAGE La Crème Yeux :
For an effect that is perfectly suited to this delicate area, SUBLIMAGE La Crème Yeux is now enriched with two natural ingredient complexes:
- To targets the look of more opened eyes.
- To enhance the look of the eye contour and reduce appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Icon of the SUBLIMAGE line, the new generation cream is enriched with the Éphémères of Planifolia, these extraordinary molecules that transmit their infinite revitalising power to the skin.

*Since 2006, CHANEL uses a specific process, PolyFractioning, to create pure, rare and precious ingredients. 60,000 raw fruits and 14,000 fresh flowers are required to make 1 kg of Enriched Planifolia PFA (PFA= PolyFractioning of Active Ingredients).

Application ritual

SUBLIMAGE La Crème Yeux:
- Morning and evening, apply a small amount to the entire eye contour.
- Smooth into skin, moving from the inner corner to the outer corner.
- To ensure optimal efficacy, perform the massage gesture in 3 steps developed by CHANEL: lightly dab under and above the eye with the massage accessory. Then, swiftly smooth the skin between the eyebrows upward and the socket crease toward the eyebrow and the crow's feet. Finally, gently pull the lower eyelid from 3 points from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.
- For an immediate boost in radiance, use SUBLIMAGE La Crème Yeux as a mask. Generously apply the cream onto the entire eye contour. Allow the skin to soak up the ingredients for 10 minutes and gently remove any excess product with a cotton pad, smoothing the eyelids from the inner corner of the eye outwards.

- Apply SUBLIMAGE La Crème with the spatula. Dab a small amount onto each cheek, the forehead, neck and décolleté.
- Smooth over the face, from the center outwards.
- To optimize the benefits of your cream, perform the revitalizing application gesture developed specially by CHANEL. Massage in circular movements with the knuckles, and closed hands, over key areas of the face.