More than a serum, the new SUBLIMAGE L'Essence goes much further and delivers global benefits for radiance and skin quality. Smoother and more even-looking, the skin regains a texture that perfectly reflects light. Its radiance is reborn. An exceptional daily skincare product to be used before SUBLIMAGE La Crème. A sublime ritual for beautiful skin.


The alliance of two botanical treasures delivers ultimate global detoxification.

At its heart: Golden Champa PFA*, derived from the golden flower of the Himalayas, helps remove factors associated with the first signs of aging. The complexion appears freshly energized.

The light plant naturally and gently promotes skin renewal. Skin regains the ideal texture to reflect light beautifully.

Powerfully re-energized with SUBLIMAGE L'Essence, the skin appears in a new light. Its original purity, quality and luminosity are naturally revealed. Smoother and more even, its radiance is reborn.

• Skin radiance: x2.5
• Skin luminosity: x2.7
Self-assessment after 1 month of use.

* PolyFractionning of Acive Ingredients : A specific process to CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure cosmetic ingredients

A partnered action (Intro du TVC)
Freed from toxins and impurities, skin is more receptive to the revitalizing power of SUBLIMAGE La Crème, delivering exceptional anti-aging benefits.


SUBLIMAGE L'Essence is a combination of two natural treasures. The Golden Champa, which flourishes at the heart of the Himalayas. Better known as the "golden flower of the Himalayas", this precious botanical is renowned for its incredible benefits. The Harungana plant from Madagascar also called the "light plant". Its secret: more than any other botanical, this plant holds the ability to optimize light energy for the growth and revival of other plants in nutrient-depleted soils. This unique gift leads to exceptional light-activating properties for skin.

Application ritual

The light silky texture of SUBLIMAGE L'Essence gently caresses the skin, providing an immediate sensation of freshness and comfort.

Apply SUBLIMAGE L'Essence morning and evening on perfectly cleansed skin, before SUBLIMAGE La Crème. Apply with fingertips, then blend into the face, neck and décolleté.

Once SUBLIMAGE L'Essence is applied, the skin can fully benefit from the revitalizing power of Vanilla Planifolia, the powerful gem of SUBLIMAGE La Crème.