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more is more

look this way

Always more glamourous. Deep reds, warm metallics and rich neutrals make for an irresistible makeup look. Play with CHANEL's many textures for an even more captivating look.

out of the blue

all eyes on

From pastel, deep turquoise, to navy; blues are on. Gracing lids everywhere, this is one colour trend here to stay. Explore our range of blue hues for a pop of colour. New to blue? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

say it in red

lip service

Red lips are never a bad idea. A classic look of Mademoiselle, lips dressed in red add spice to any ensemble and an extra bounce in your step. No matter what the occasion red lips make the perfect accessory. Explore our many shades and textures. Matte, shiny or glossy? You choose the effect.

where it all began

lucia’s world

Lucia has always been obsessed with the colour red.
"As a colour, it's very rrelated to feminity, the flush of love, desire, health, fever, youth… Red is so strong to me and yet it is also intrinsic to the world of Chanel."
As Lucia's world is coloured red, she found inspiration in this photograph by Max Farago for her first collection with CHANEL, LE ROUGE COLLECTION N°1 from Fall 2016.