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A snowy and rainy evening in Paris on December 7th 2010. After passing through the black wrought iron gate of the 31 rue Cambon, we climb the stairs to the Couture salon and go on through to a magic place that takes us back in time, 15 centuries into the past, to the banks of the Bosporus, at the heart of the Byzantine Empire. We are transported to a time when Constantinople was not yet called Istanbul, but the Sublime Porte between East and West! The walls are covered with bronze sequins, oriental lanterns cast a soft sensual glow and in this harem-like atmosphere one is tempted to lie down on the deep plush sofas, decorated with hand-painted cushions. Turkish Delight... Paris seems so far away... That is when a brilliant, ironic, timeless sound is heard, the sound of change rattling in a cash register to the tune of Money by Pink Floyd, from the album The Dark Side of the Moon. Karl Lagerfeld’s sense of humor strikes again. The presentation begins…
Tight fitting coats in black tweed, embroidered with gold thread, two-tone thigh-high boots, in black and eggshell white, a perfect pea coat, slim pants, tapered and tight as a second satin skin: the woman parading on the catwalk becomes many before our eyes to the psychedelic riffs of Pink Floyd, and is troubling in her elegant androgyny. She is the opposite of all the oriental clichés evoked by the names Byzantium and Istanbul. If she is a Sultana, then she has wings on her feet – dressed in flat sandals decorated with arabesques - her hips are narrow, her tiny waist is encircled with short tailored skirts, combined with a sassy reworked evening biker jacket. Our lady is dreaming of being a Sultana, just for a day or a night; it is not her destiny, just a game...
The accessories are extravagant in their refinement, 2.55 handbags, embroidered by Lesage, drawstring purses like small Chinese teapots, decorated with gem stones, the opulence of the bodices is subtly offset by the strict cut of the dresses they embellish.
Then come Maharani tunics and red satin slippers with precious-stoned heels, a strict black dress with a white satin collar, a black leather skirt and matching jacket with three-quarter length sleeves, tweeds in shades of wine, candied chestnut, oat, old gold, long, padded, bronze fingerless gloves...The work of fine craftsmen! Ethereal variations on the theme of the mosaic, the symbol of Byzantine art!
We love the emerald green harem pants, worn low, on the hips, or baggy, and the model in ribbed corduroy with its "high-class hippy" fact, all the styles of the Orient and the South are suggested in this collection, from Pierre Loti to Justinian the Great and even Talitha Getty in Marrakech at the beginning of the 70s, when suddenly we see a superb evening dress in voile with openwork and embroidery... the models move with an almost opium induced nonchalance… a black and white tunic, straight out of the Crusades, mingles with an evening jacket covered in gold sequins, which is worn open, with an innocent beauty, because this type of luxury is anything but ostentatious, it is muted, like gold or another dusky surface...
And finally the supermodel Freja Beha appears for the last presentation, in a long black hieratic cape, an outlandish outfit, decked in noble fabrics, voile, lace, embroideries, offering a glimpse of the Empress of Constantinople, Theodora, as Karl Lagerfeld experienced and adored her... on one of the mosaics of the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna.

Photos: Olivier Saillant



During the summer 2010, Vanessa Paradis gave a series of 20 acoustic shows in France. For the first time, her repertoire, from "Joe le taxi" to "Divine Idylle", was reinterpreted with 8 acoustic musicians amongst which a string quartet.

This project led to a live album but also to a movie retracing the full-length concert of July 12th at the Royal Opera of the Palace of Versailles.

The Deluxe collector set in limited and numbered edition features the portfolio "Une nuit à Versailles" with exclusive photos of Vanessa Paradis by Karl Lagerfeld.



On November 18th, Chanel showcased a special event in Singapore on the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands building.

The setting, featuring a 492 feet infinity swimming pool and surrounded by a panoramic view of the city's skyline, was the backdrop for the remake of the Cruise 2010/11 fashion show originally presented in Saint-Tropez last May.

At nightfall, the Sands Sky Park was transformed into a party venue for the guests.

The event was organized to celebrate the opening of the boutique at the ground floor of the building: a 648 m² fashion duplex designed by Peter Marino.



On November 17th, Chanel welcomed its guests at the Omotesando boutique, in the heart of Tokyo's trendiest shopping area, to celebrate the arrival of the latest Cruise 2010/11 collection.

For the occasion, the boutique was redecorated in the spirit of the show presented in Saint-Tropez last May.
The boutique and the terrace on the 4th floor of the building were tranformed into a Tropezian café as a party venue where the guests, including fashion celebrities, journalists and bloggers, enjoyed a live music performance, inspired by the playlist of the fashion show.

The installation will be on display for ten days.



First published in 1987, this book was impossible to find in stores until now.
Only the most determined could still track down this collector.

It is once again available in French published by “Éditions de la Martinière” and in English by “Abrams” in the United States and “Thames & Hudson” in England.

In this book, art historian Jean Leymarie recounts the life of Coco Chanel and her work through the world of art. The text is accompanied by photos of Coco Chanel amidst the creations of Cocteau, Modigliani, Matisse, Renoir, Iribe, Doisneau, Marie Laurencin...
Toward the end of the 1910s, thanks to muse and benefactor Misia Sert, wife of painter José-Mari Sert, Gabrielle Chanel was introduced into the most avant-garde group of artists of the time. Jean Leymarie highlights the friendships that forged the life and style of Coco Chanel, from Picasso to Dali. "I always felt a solid sense of friendship toward Picasso. I believe that he felt the same way." (quote from Coco Chanel, p.70)

Photo: the book "CHANEL" by Jean Leymarie photographed in Coco Chanel's apartment


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