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Chanel and Charles Finch hosted the fourth annual Pre-Oscar dinner at Madeo in Beverly Hills on February 25th.

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Insider pictures from the campaign shoot with Alice Dellal

Photos © Olivier Saillant


Interview with Alice Dellal, the face of the Boy Chanel handbag collection
The campaign shot by Karl Lagerfeld will be revealed in March.



Through over a hundred photographs, Karl Lagerfeld pays tribute to Chanel’s little black jacket.

Created during the fifties by Mademoiselle Chanel, the jacket has been endlessly reinvented by Karl Lagerfeld in each of his collections ever since 1983, for the most part, in the fundamental Chanel colour: black.

In the book The Little Black Jacket: Chanel's classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld*, the jacket is being adapted and worn differently by some of today’s personalities in contemporary culture : slipped on by the French singer, Vanessa Paradis, transformed into a headdress for the American actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, or adapted to Alice Dellal’s neo-punk look - this fashion masterpiece can adapt to any style.

Karl Lagerfeld has chosen to capture the jacket‘s versatility in a series of photographs taken in close collaboration with Carine Roitfeld. The book will accompany the opening of an exhibition dedicated to it, which will run from 24th March until 15th April 2012 in Tokyo.

From March 24th to April 15th 2012
11AM – 7PM from Monday to Friday
11AM – 8PM Saturday and Sunday
Free entrance
G-Bldg, Minami Aoyama
Minami Aoyama 5-4-48
Minato Ku, Tokyo

* Available in bookstores from Fall 2012

Photo: Saskia de Brauw photographed by Karl Lagerfeld



From March 21st to 23rd Chanel will host a series of 3 events in Tokyo.

On March 21st, the iconic Chanel jacket will be celebrated in an exhibition featuring Karl Lagerfeld's photographs of celebrities and various personalities. The exhibition will mark the worldwide launch of the book “The Little Black Jacket”. *

On March 22nd, Chanel will showcase the replication of the 2012 Spring-Summer Haute Couture show in the heart of Tokyo.

These events will be followed by the inauguration of an ephemeral boutique on March 23rd.

* The Little Black Jacket: Chanel's classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld


For his Spring-Summer 2012 Haute Couture collection, Karl Lagerfeld paraded no less than 154 shades of blue across the lofty heights of the runway. "From the faintest pearl blue to the darkest midnight shade, this immense color range spans from crimson to hints of green. Actually, the color chart for blue is incredible," explained Karl Lagerfeld.

Organza, tweed, tulle and muslin were dyed in the most precise nuances, every fabric shimmering in its own shade of blue: sapphire, ultramarine, indigo, and blue woad… The extent of the seemingly endless palette matched only by the stunning array of techniques and materials, some hand-painted or sprayed to produce the desired shading. Through a porthole or silk gauze, all transparencies were swathed in blue. The blue-hued glint of glass mosaic buttons, expertly crafted by Desrues, attests to pigment dosed to perfection.



Escapism for the soul. A love-fuelled flight that never leaves the ground! Love permeates the Spring-Summer 2012 Haute Couture collection: love of excellence, materials, showmanship, and the precious skill of artisan craftsmen devoted to Chanel. Lagerfeld's sense of humor is present, as well... "Catch me if you can": Tuesday, January 24th, in the Grand Palais, aboard a meticulous replica of an aircraft cabin, something of the carefree spirit of the sixties was in the air with its mythology of air travel in those Pan Am years. Mischievous-looking air hostesses, refreshing clean lines and a warm elegance welcomed in 2012 with smiles all around. No Business Class here; everyone is seated in First Class – this is democracy according to Chanel!

As magnificent clouds drifted above our heads – a serious infringement of aircraft manufacturing standards – the collection began with a series of stunningly pure short daytime dresses featuring rouleau necklines and drop waistbands with low pockets, favoring the signature stance of this collection: hands in pockets. Hands free of any accessories, minds free of bourgeois constraints, very Coco-Chanel-casual, elegant, with a dash of insolence. As is fitting for a collection perched between earth and sky, the Couture comes in all shades of blue, a color as synonymous with infinity as it is with opulence and royalty. Slate, sapphire, lavender, deep marble, cobalt, lapis lazuli, navy and midnight blue, not forgetting Chanel’s beloved black.

All shades sparkled as the light bounced off sequins and crystals, cabochon, feather and rhinestone embroidery work. From mat to glossy, we yearned to touch the puff-sleeved dress swathed in light-blue sequins and embroidered with rainbow and peacock-eye motifs. We longed to carefully stroke the long grey-blue tweed skirt embroidered with iridescent strands, the tweed metamorphosing into lace as if by magic. Long black coat-dresses, the drama of the short black dress with straps hugging the neck, profiling a gymnast’s neckline, and the breathtakingly graceful counterbalance achieved by two bird-of-paradise pleated-sculpted sleeves.

A masterful collection navigating between 1920s silhouettes, 1960s graphic design, and the furious sulking of 1980s punk with crypto-mohawks accentuated with sumptuous head jewelry (a far cry from the crust punk look). Shimmering camellias, gem-studded moons, feathers sprouting forth with a celestial rustling. Stockings embroidered with constellations of stars above the knee have joined the pantheon of coveted items in the collection.

A cloud drifts through the cabin – nice touch! This cloud is as misty as a heart-wrenchingly pure evening gown. The show has come to an end. We raise our eyes to the glass ceiling and glimpse a starry night sky.
"A supersonic jet cuts off my thoughts with a Bang, trailing its signature across the sky, silent, curling, white, white" (Louis Aragon)


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