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It takes 4 to 5 years for each craftsperson on the site to learn how to perfectly master the techniques necessary for the manufacture. The iconic Chanel handbag demands over 180 manufacturing operations and as many minute gestures.
Selecting the skin requires a rigorous control, each one must be perfect. Then, the cut of each piece of the bag's body is made according to a template outlining the pattern. The points of the cut must follow the scales of an exotic skin or the patterns of a tweed. The pieces of the bag's body are then "pared down", quilted using a needle and assembled.
First mounted flat and inside out, like a Ready-to-Wear piece, the bag takes on volume little by little. The body and base are brought together with the "bag in bag" technique: a first bag is mounted to constitute the interior and then a second for the exterior, each one assembled by hand. The craftsperson can then turn the bags inside out. The finishing touches demand several other delicate manipulations before the final control and the ritual of wrapping.


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