The most intensive product in the ritual: an intensive night treatment, formulated with a high concentration of powerful brightening ingredients to act on all factors of an aging complexion: dullness, hyper and hypopigmentation. Experience a burst of brightness overnight. After 28 nights, glow with youthful radiant skin.


An intensive night treatment, L'Extrait is the best ally to restore skin's youthful light in just 28 nights. It addresses all factors of an aging complexion, correcting dullness, over- and under-pigmentation.

After one night, skin beams with a new brightness.

After 28 nights, all the attributes of youthful light are boosted: skin is even, translucent, smooth and plump, bathed in a halo of radiance.

Used as a cure 2 to 3 times a year, L'Extrait preserves and prolongs skin's youthful radiance.

Active ingredients

• The potent combination of CHANEL-patented* TXC™ technology, VCE** and rose hip oil delivers highly efficacious brightening actions, to precisely and comprehensively address all factors of an aging complexion. Together, they:

o Act on all factors of the pigmentation process, immediately and in the long-term, to reveal an even and brighter complexion;

o Accelerate the melanosome degradation process, which naturally slows down with age, and break down melanin accumulation in the skin, to reduce all kinds of dark spots, including age spots, and prevent new ones from appearing;

o Prevent melanocyte and keratinocyte aging, which leads to hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation and dullness, to restore even, radiant and youthful skin.

• Specially developed for CHANEL, 2-Year pearl extract is derived from Akoya pearls that are carefully matured for an optimal 2-year period. The extract from these rare pearls effectively prevents protein oxidation on the skin surface for a brighter complexion with light-reflecting translucency. It also contains a high concentration of glycine, a main component of the skin's natural moisturizing factor, for optimal hydration. Luminous and moisturised, the skin reveals pearl-like radiance day after day.

* Active ingredient developed using atechnology exclusive to CHANEL - International patent application.

** Ethyl ascorbic acid

Application ritual

Apply in the evening, instead of the concentrate, after the lotion and before the cream.

Press firmly on the tip of the dropper and release to take out the formula. Pull out the dropper and carefully dispense 1-2 precious drops onto the fingers. Using the fingertips, gently massage LE BLANC L'Extrait over the face and eye contours (if needed, apply an additional drop for the neck).

Directly follow with the exclusive CHANEL Night Pearl Massage.