The first chrono spot-treatment that acts according to skin's biological mechanisms, during the day versus the night.

For reinforced brightening action to help reduce the appearance of dark spots, each treatment of the duo works in sync with skin's rhythms:

• The day treatment protects skin from external stressors which trigger hyperpigmentation, with an ultra-light texture.

• The night treatment promotes skin's natural exfoliation process to visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots from the surface of the skin, with a moisturizing texture.

Specifically designed for CHANEL, the duo pens precisely target each dark spot, with a cooling ceramic applicator and flexible neck, to offer a sensorial experience and perfect functionality.

Dark spots are erased, for a flawless, even complexion.


The duo treatment delivers an intensive targeted action to optimally help diminish the appearance of dark spots all day long.

After 8 weeks*:

Spot color intensity: -29%

Spot contour sharpness: -25%

* Clinical evaluation on 30 participants

Flawless and more even than ever, the complexion radiates with perfect light.

Active ingredients

• The CHANEL exclusive*, patent-pending TXC™ technology delivers 12 hours of continuous action by targeting 7 essential factors of dark spots. Existing dark spots are corrected, new ones prevented from forming and skin is exceptionally even and luminous.

• 2-Year pearl extract effectively prevents protein carbonylation, which contributes to a yellowish tone, to promote a brighter and more luminous complexion with optimal hydration.

• The day spot treatment contains geranium extract to effectively inhibit the action of external stressors (UV rays, pollution…) that promote hyperpigmentation. In parallel, it also visibly diminishes the appearance of dark spots, one of the results of aging.

• The night spot treatment is formulated with alpinia extract, which stimulates epidermal renewal to erase dark spots from the surface of the skin.

* Active ingredient developed using a technology exclusive to CHANEL - International patent application.

Application ritual

Each morning, apply the Day Intensive Spot Treatment precisely onto dark spots on the face, including the eye contours. Follow each evening with the Night Intensive Spot Treatment. Apply the

intensive treatments prior to the concentrate and after the lotion. If desired, also apply onto dark spots on the neck, décolleté and hands. Blend in by lightly massaging the targeted area with the cooling applicator.

To release the precise amount of product needed, carefully and gently press the button located on the side of the pen with the index finger. When the desired amount of product is released, immediately remove finger from the button.