Inspired by the exotic and enchanting city of Venice, this body lotion with a lightweight texture envelops the skin in a fresh and sensual blend of neroli and ambery notes. A different way to wear fragrance.

Olfactory atmosphere

A fragrance with a sensual structure. Essence of neroli illuminates the enveloping warmth of an oriental accord with an ambery tinge of vanilla and tonka bean notes.


1920. Gabrielle Chanel fell madly in love with Venice. It changed her life. Shattered by the death of her lover Boy Capel, she drew strength from the bustling energy of this richly contrasted city and its mix of people and influences from around the world. There, she discovered a taste for the treasures of Byzantine and Baroque art that caught her eye and became a major source of inspiration for her style. PARIS-VENISE interprets the captivating draw of this city that marks the boundary between East and West.

Art of perfuming

The fresh signature of PARIS-VENISE in a body lotion. A sleek sleeve with the sensual feel of natural materials that evoke the waves lapping on the beach. A light bottle with a rounded shape that fits in the palm of the hand. A Twist & Slide cap that opens with a gentle twist of the base and closes with a simple flick of the finger. Easy, generous perfuming, applied alone or combined with the PARIS-VENISE eau de toilette to intensify and prolong your trail of scent.