On the court or in style, Mademoiselle always plays to her advantage.
Discover her ultimate sport set.


“I’m on top of my game”

More than a simple step, the natural sheen of BAUME À LÈVRES BELLE MINE balm is a style. It subtly colours and plumps my lips. My smile knocks out the opposition.


"I never cheat"

LES BEIGES EMBELLISSEUR BELLE MINE HYDRATANT invisibly enhances and evens out my complexion. It diminishes my imperfections without simply hiding them. Natural is my game.


“I’ve mastered
my stroke”

LE VOLUME DE CHANEL WATERPROOF mascara adds length and volume to my lashes, enhancing my eyes. Game on!


“I stay ahead
of the game”

The notes of bergamot and mandarin in EAU DE COLOGNE allow me to stay ultra-fresh and energized at every stage of the game.


“I play
it cool”

To keep my hydration game in check, HYDRA BEAUTY ESSENCE MIST refreshes my skin and sets my makeup. It’s an ace!


“Game, set
and match,