“I’ve loved Chinese screens since I was eighteen years old…I nearly fainted with joy when, entering a Chinese shop, I saw a Coromandel for the first time…Screens were the first thing I bought…” (Quoted in “Chanel Solitaire” by Claude Delay – Gallimard – 1983 p.12)

Mademoiselle Chanel is believed to have owned 32 folding screens. Her apartment at 31 rue Cambon had eight of them, which she freely used in ways other than for what they were intended — she dressed her walls with them, like wallpaper, or used them to give structure to her private space.
It is also said that she used them to hide the doors. That way, she was sure to keep her guests when receiving them for dinner.

The Coromandel screens embody her taste for Chinese art, which she discovered together with Boy Capel. The Coromandel lacquer technique emerged at the end of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), in the Hunan province, in the heart of China. The major themes include mythology, scenes of imperial life and love of nature, which bestow a spiritual dimension upon the art form.



Travelling first from Paris to Shanghai for the Métiers d'Art fashion show last December, the Paris-Shanghai collection has now arrived in Hong Kong.
Chanel illustrates this journey with a futuristic decor featuring an exclusive window display and installations at the JOYCE boutique.

Chanel is available for the first time at JOYCE with a selection of Ready-to-Wear, accessories and shoes.
Until July 9th at G/F New World Tower, Central, Hong Kong.


Karl Lagerfeld, editor in chief
for the day

The French newspaper Libération invites an exceptional editor in chief for its June 22nd edition.
Karl Lagerfeld, artistic director of Chanel, photographer, film director, and publisher comments on the headlines, gives an exclusive interview and illustrates the day's news.
For the occasion, the journal prepared a collector edition with 24 dedicated pages, printed on distinguished paper.

Watch Monday morning’s press conference on Libé

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This summer, starting June 23rd until October 3rd, Chanel opens its ephemeral boutique in Saint-Tropez.
In an XVIIIth century mansion, Chanel creates a contemporary decor with the emblematic codes of the house - black, white, beige and red.
The place to stop by on a walk between the famous "Place des Lices" and the terrace of the café Sénéquier.


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