fall-winter 2009/10 Haute couture

For next winter’s Haute Couture collection, Karl Lagerfeld chose to combine extremely pure silhouettes, which evoke “unencumbered graphic effects and asymmetric lines” in addition to the magic of faces veiled in tulle embroidered with studs and crystals. “It’s a coquettish veil that creates mystery… It can be quite nice to see and not be able to be seen,” as the designer explains.

For this collection Karl Lagerfeld also imagined trails attached to the shoulders or to the waist of tweed jackets and dresses. “They are extensions of the silhouette with evening attitude. It’s all about the perfect proportions and lightness.”

The discreet luxury of this graphic Couture collection plays on the opulence of the embroidery and the precious nature of the fabrics: muslin dresses, delicate draping and suggestions of skin under embroidered lace, folded and ruffled as a reminder of the traditional dress of the Versailles court. Day and night, Karl Lagerfeld’s deep black silhouettes are punctuated by sudden flashes of white, gold, red and fuchsia.


Maison Michel

The Fall-Winter 2009/10 collection photographed by Karl Lagerfeld


drawings by the russian model sasha pivavorova

Paris-Moscou: Drawings of the Métiers d'Art collection by the Russian model Sasha Pivavorova on the occasion of the fashion show in Moscow, the city where she was born.

"My drawings were inspired by the joy of seeing fairytale characters coming to life in one of the main theaters of Moscow."


Venice - la serenissima

Venice: setting for the Cruise 2009/10 fashion show


Something à la mode

A touch of Baroque Electro to the 2009/10 Cruise collection show in Venice: violin, cello and minimalist electro

SomethingALaMode, or SALM for its fans, set the musical scene for the show with a performance worthy of a classical orchestra and a top class DJ. The two worlds are not the slightest bit contradictory for Thomas Roussel and Yannick Grandjean who, after devoting their days to their strict classical training, turned into dedicated clubbers at night. The result of their encounter is a debut album called 'électro-cordes' which expertly mixes the clanging violins of "RondoParisiano", as baroque as they come (featuring Karl Lagerfeld), and the heady bubbles of "5 AM".



Moscou through the eyes of michel gaubert, sound stylist for chanel

Moscow was at its best to welcome us two week ago. Blue sky, bright sunshine, comrades standing to attention; Leonid made sure I avoided revolutionary sunstroke by lending me his cap.

An original Moscow, the meeting of Chanel and Russia at the Maly Theatre, a gorgeous setting from Tsarist times transformed into a cinema for the showing of Karl Lagerfeld's film, "Coco 1913 – Chanel 1923", followed by a cabaret with Maria, Anabela, Irina, Sasha, Angelika, Tatyana, Natasha and Vlada; the letter A on the runway punctuated by the sound of Terem Quartet's giant balalaika.

Still with the Tsars, the next day began with a visit to Red Square and a tour round St. Basil's Cathedral, whose onion domes explode with psychedelic colour and decoration, leaving the imagination plenty of scope to dream as to their origin.

Everything changes at the Mayakovskaya subway station where we considered the art deco architecture and glamour icon mosaics in praise of work, sport and the strength of the people on a starry sky background, which must have influenced American cartoons and imagery of the thirties.

In the film "Coco 1913 – Chanel 1923", Grand Duke Dimitri thought nothing of Russian constructivism; he didn't know about the Bakhmetevsky bus garage, Moscow's modern art centre, whose facade would shock even Franz Ferdinand’s graphic artist.

At VDNK park, the Cosmos museum points up to the sky like a rocket on a launch pad; its array of low relief sculptures representing idols of the cosmos is reminiscent of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the ZTT era.

Back to earth and there's absolutely no doubt that here we're in Eastern America, the beautiful Moscow girls have traded their sickles for false eyelashes, Russian techno music blares out over the airwaves, but the square is still Red; it's exhilarating!


"Paris-moscou" aftershow

After the show, guests headed to the PODIUM Concept Store, real moscovite fashion establishment. For one month Chanel created an ephemeral boutique highlighting the most emblematic pieces of the collection.


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