Chanel & moi

A bespoke programme. A special relationship with CHANEL.

Your CHANEL watch is a precious object. To preserve your piece over time, CHANEL advisors are available to assist you with the CHANEL & moi programme.

The services

Register my watch with CHANEL & moi

If you have already registered a watch in a boutique, but your access link has expired or been lost, you can request a new one here.


The House’s commitment

Your CHANEL watch is made with meticulous care and unique savoir-faire. Each piece is created using the highest quality materials and is assembled at the CHANEL Manufacture in Switzerland.

This watch will endure year after year, generation after generation. Take care to maintain its technical functions and preserve its preciousness with the CHANEL & moi programme.

Only CHANEL can provide the appropriate care for its creations and properly respect their authenticity. CHANEL & moi will help to preserve the beauty, technicality and precision of your piece.