Anna Thorvaldsdóttir


Anna Thorvaldsdóttir (born in Iceland, based in Greater London) is one of the most distinctive composers in contemporary classical music.

Her unique musical world combines unconventional textures and nuances with harmonies and lyricism, written as a continuously evolving ecosystem of sounds.

“The music emerges from an internal space before I notate it on paper”, she says. “During the compositional process, I live with the material in real time over and over again as the work takes on its form, the individual elements organically coming together as one”.

Thorvaldsdóttir’s music is widely performed internationally and has been commissioned by many of the world’s leading orchestras, ensembles and arts organisations, including the Berlin Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Orchestre de Paris, Ensemble intercontemporain, BBC Proms and Carnegie Hall.

Her distinctive writing for symphony orchestras has garnered her awards from the New York Philharmonic, Lincoln Center, the Nordic Council and The Ivors Academy.

“It is such an honour to receive The CHANEL Next Prize from this iconic and monumental institution”, she says. “It is a true pleasure to be one of the awarded artists in this wide-ranging recognition of various art forms from around the world. The prize shines an important and distinctive light on diverse fields within the arts and shows unequivocal commitment to the support of the arts and culture for the future”.

Excerpts from Composing Myself: Anna Thorvaldsdottir. Produced by Wise Music Group and One31Studio.​
Iceland Symphony Orchestra performing Metacosmos. Excerpts from Composing Myself: Anna Thorvaldsdóttir. Produced by Wise Music Group.​
Los Angeles Percussion Quartet performing -aura-. Excerpts from Composing Myself: Anna Thorvaldsdóttir. Produced by Wise Music Group.