J12in 12 chapters

Created in 2000, the J12 stands as an icon of CHANEL watches.
Hidden behind the sleek lines lies an unparalleled technical complexity and watchmaking expertise.
From the origin to the design, the highly resistant ceramic to the Swiss Official Chronometer Control–certified movement, the perfect-sounding bezel to the power reserve, discover the manufacturing secrets of this emblematic watch of the House in 12 chapters.

Enlarged view of the black J12 watch dial
  • DIAL

    Lacquered in black or white, the dial is marked with ceramic numerals.

  • DIAL

    “J12 AUTOMATIC” and “SWISS MADE” are written in CHANEL typography.


    Resolutely sporty, the J12 features a unidirectional rotating bezel.


It all begins with the creative act. Transforming an idea, an inspiration, into a watch with an incomparable and timeless design.

Chapter 1/12 DUAL

Designed in Paris, Place Vendôme. Engineered in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Precise lines, graphic perfection, state-of-the-art technology. The J12 was designed in Paris by the Watch Creation Studio at Place Vendôme, then manufactured and assembled by the CHANEL Manufacture at La Chaux-de-Fonds, the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking.

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Enlarged view of the black J12 watch caseback

    The Calibre 12.1, a self-winding movement manufactured exclusively for CHANEL, is a technical revolution.


    The chronometer is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Control, a guarantee of precision.


    The J12 boasts a power reserve of approximately 70 hours.


Innovation, precision and technology are at the heart of CHANEL watchmaking.

Chapter 4/12 THE BLUEPRINT

500 different 3D views are required to construct one J12.

The CHANEL Watch Creation Studio drawings are studied closely by experts to ensure they follow international standards and product viability. Then, they are modelled in their entirety. A 3D blueprint of the piece is made, showing everything from the dimensions right down to the finishing touches. 500 plans are needed to accurately reflect the aesthetic, curves, design, shape and ergonomics in detail.

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Enlarged view of the black J12 watch ceramic strap

    A bracelet in highly resistant ceramic.


    Supple and light, providing comfort to its wearer.


Unparalleled technical complexity and watchmaking expertise.

Chapter 7/12 191

Constructed from 191 pieces, the Calibre 12.1 is a true mechanical feat highlighting the creative boldness, innovation, precision and craftsmanship of the House. The 191st piece, the oscillating mass, has been completely redesigned by Arnaud Chastaingt, Director of the CHANEL Watch Creation Studio. A work of art inside a perfect circle.

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Enlarged view of the black J12 watch profile

    A screwed-down crown, guaranteeing water resistance up to 200 metres.


    Made in steel with a ceramic cabochon that underscores the purity of the watch.


Each detail transforms the J12 into an exceptional piece. More than a watch, it is a watchmaking icon.

Chapter 10/12 INTO

The J12 resists pressure up to 200 metres deep, just in case.

The J12 is a resolutely sporty piece. To ensure an infallible water resistance, the watch is fitted with a screwed-down crown and submitted to tests simulating the pressure conditions present at 200 metres deep. An extreme performance for an indestructible watch.

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Discover the J12, an icon of watchmaking. The J12 watch features the Calibre 12.1, a self-winding movement manufactured exclusively for CHANEL. Allure on the inside that shows on the outside.