Chanel Next Prize

What is the Next Prize ?

CHANEL Next Prize is an international award to catalyse innovation across arts and culture. Developed to provide an emerging generation of creative risk-takers with resources to tackle ambitious new projects, the CHANEL Next Prize creates conditions for artists to experiment with visionary ideas, test new forms of artmaking and collaborate across disciplines.

Each of the 10 winners receive 100,000€ in funding as well as access to mentorship and networking opportunities facilitated by Chanel to deepen the impact of their trailblazing work. The prize extends Chanel’s legacy of arts patronage that began with Gabrielle Chanel’s support of avant-garde artists of her time and her desire to be part of what happens next,
“ce qui va arriver” – hence the “Next” Prize. Awarded biennially, artists are nominated anonymously by an advisory board of 25 arts and cultural leaders from around the world representing diverse disciplines ranging from film to the visual arts.

A truly global prize that celebrates the fluidity between different art forms, the 2021 CHANEL Next Prize winners represent
11 countries and disciplines spanning design, film and the performing and visual arts. The members of the 2021 jury were
Cao Fei, Sir David Adjaye and Tilda Swinton.

The jury

The members of the 2021 jury were Cao Fei, Tilda Swinton and Sir David Adjaye.

The winners

Marlene Monteiro Freitas

Dancer and choreographer

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